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Department of Eagles – ‘Brightest Minds’

Department of Eagles – ‘Brightest Minds’

Department of Eagles

Department of Eagles

Archive 2003 – 2006, a collection of unreleased songs from Department of Eagles will be released in mid-July.

Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear and Fred Nicolaus make up the group who released the gorgeous In Ear Park in 2008. Listen to a song from the upcoming Archive album called ‘Brightest Minds’. The band actually have six other releases dating from 2002-2007, the earliest stuff of which was sample-based. From 2006 on, they began recording themselves so this record will likely be a scattershot collection of the band figuring out their sound.

Department of Eagles – ‘Brightest Minds’

Here’s the best tune from In Ear Park:

MP3: Department of Eagles – ‘No-one Does It Like You’

1. Practice Room Sketch 1
2. Deadly Disclosure
3. While We’re Young
4. Grand Army Plaza
5. Practice Room Sketch 2
6. Brightest Minds
7. Practice Room Sketch 3
8. Flip
9. Practice Room Sketch 4 (Tired Hands)
10. Golden Apple
11. Practice Room Sketch 5