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DJ Shadow – The Outsider

DJ Shadow – The Outsider


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Details of the new DJ Shadow album to be released on August 1st September 4th have emerged.

“In a twilight of a time, there emerges a need for man to comprehend his own bitter fate. Finally resigned to the inevitable beyond, he searches the ages, desperate for stories of insurance, redemption and hope…but there is one tale that has yet been told, the story of ‘The Outsider’.” (‘Outsider Intro’)

The Outsider Tracklisting

  1. Outsider Intro
  2. This Time (I’m Gonna Try It My Way)
  3. 3 Freaks- Featuring Keak Da Sneak & Turf Talk
  4. Droop-E Drop
  5. Turf Dancing-Feat. The Federation & Animaniaks
  6. Keep Em Close-Feat. Nump
  7. Seein Thangs-Feat. David Banner
  8. Broken Levee Blues
  9. Artifact [Instrumental]
  10. Backstage Girl-Feat. Phonte Coleman
  11. Triplicate / Something Happened That Day
  12. The Tiger-Feat. Sergio Pizzorno & Christopher Karloff
  13. Erase You-Feat. Chris James
  14. What Have I Done-Feat. Christina Carter
  15. You Made It-Feat. Chris James
  16. Enuff-Feat. Q-Tip & Lateef The Truth Speaker
  17. Dats My Part-Feat. E-40

It definitely looks like it’ll be more of a straight up hip hop album than previous albums. Really looking forward to hearing Q-Tip on some new tracks. Has anybody heard his unreleased masterpiece ‘Kamaal the Abstract’ ? It’s great. Leave a shout in the comments if you want me to put a few tracks up.


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