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D&N: The 20 Best iPhone apps / Smack My Bitch Up in Ableton

Some, perhaps many of you will be aware that I write in the Irish Indo’s Day and Night magazine every Friday about web things: videos, music tips, sites, links and all good and funny stuff on the web. Well it all ends up on this blog every Friday and you via the magical tubes, you can read it too.

This week I pick my 20 (Ok, 21) favourite iPhone apps, bestow blog band status on Lonelady, Anders Ponders, Bon Iver’s Jazz band, and loads of other stuff. You can win Alicia Keys tickets if you’re into that. Ailbhe Malone is also writing a pop blog for the site so check that out too.

This video also features and is a must-see if you’re into music production or music in the slightest – How to recreate Smack My Bitch Up in Ableton.

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