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Drunk French people

Drunk French people

A quick post on last night’s TTC gig in the Village. Organised by the French Cultural Service, Alliance Francaise and Note Productions, it was a poorly attended gig of 70/80 people the overwhelming majority of which were French. Thankfully the attendance didn’t affect the atmosphere such was the general messy party vibe and general banjaxery. Props to the guy in the paisley hat who doused himself in Guinness after the show and was LOVING it. Pity I left the camera at home 🙁

Helped by atmospheric low lighting and sparse flashes of spotlight, it was a proper hip hop gig which took in freestyles, dirty electro, blips, bleeps, Lenny Kravitz and 80’s techno. I’d liken DJ Orgasmic to Diplo on the decks in terms of creating big party vibes. Unfortunately, due to having to go to Kildare to vote, myself and Mike missed the first half of the gig but the 35 minutes we caught were probably the best live hip hop group I’ve seen in the last few years.

It went a little bit like this..(from Strasbourg 9th May)

A reminder of the brilliance of “Telephone”

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