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Dublin rap: Lecs Luther – ‘Luther’

Dublin rap: Lecs Luther – ‘Luther’

With Odd Future arriving back in Ireland next week, it’s timely that we get to hear what those this side of the Atlantic who share their interests get up to (I’m not sure Karl counts? ). Dublin-based teenager Alex Chiedu aka Lecs Luther is one such name. He posts on Tumblr, has a penchant for Supreme clothing, likes “writing on walls”, takes 35mm photos and is a fan of the MF DOOM. He’s also a promising rapper if the track ‘Luther’ is anything to go by. This is seriously cool stuff right here. He’s not the only one making decent Irish rap.

The tune was uploaded by First Second Label who are bringing Mondkopf to Dublin on October 29th with support from Moths, Haido and more.

Download: Lecs Luther – Luther by FirstSecond Label

Video posted here.

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