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Electric Picnic 2014: 15 new bands you should see

Electric Picnic 2014: 15 new bands you should see


6. Omar Souleyman

The Syrian electronic music maverick is a unique proposition because the music of the east is dominant among the truly global dance music he makes. He’s not strictly new as he has tonnes of albums but he’s only just started releasing music with an international distribution. At Electric Picnic maybe four years ago, I stayed around well into Monday morning in the bucketing rain to catch his set at Body & Soul. It was well worth the soak.

Omar Souleyman - Warni Warni (Official Video)

7. John Wizards


The sound of Africa’s traditional past fusing into its present to make a beguiling and glorious dub-infused, Auto-Tuned, tropical, funky, R&B electro music. The brainchild of Cape Town’s John Withers with help from Rwandan singer Emmanuel Nzaramba.



Saturday, 11.45pm @ Body & Soul upstage.

Belfast Chris Hanna and Dubliner Gemma Dunleavy’s music takes in strains of garage, dubstep, ambient, house and electronics. They play the Champion Sound Recordings showcase on Saturday at the Body & Soul upstage.

9. Kate Boy


Sunday Body & Soul main stage, 00:30am

Swedish electronic four-piece who take inspiration from their country peers The Knife but have more of a pop swerve to them. Some great singles so far.

Kate Boy - "The Way We Are" (Official Music Video)

10. Clu


Friday @ RBMA Stage, 11.35pm – 12.35am

Last week I wrote a piece about Clu becoming an ambitious A/V duo with the release of their new Gems EP and their new video which “transcends a typical visual tacked on to music setup. The video directed by Freeney serves as a chassis for a potent mix of music (an amalgamation of bass / garage / post-dubstep) , visual (cinematic sumptuous imagery), interpretive dancing and colour that makes for an impressive display of art in total.”

CLU - "Mirrors" (Official Video)

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