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Farewell J.R. – ‘Night Wolves’

Farewell J.R. – ‘Night Wolves’

Farewell J.R.’s musical headquarters is in Cambridge, England care of Nick Rayner but it has collaborative outposts in Cork and Sydney too. Rayner wrote the songs on the band’s debut Health EP (March 11th on Talking Shop Records) then travelled to Cork to record the material with drums with engineer Edan Ray while the strings were recorded in Sydney.

‘Night Wolves’ is a free download from the EP, a groundswell of lush chamber pop that suggests a band worth hearing more of, as ‘A Thought, A Mind’ song (now taken offline but featuring on the EP) did last year.

Next week, the band make their live debut supporting Daughter in Dublin (26th) . Those in London can catch the live four-piece band [Nick Rayner (guitar/piano/vocals), Sam McNicholl (drums/percussion), Josh Sampson (drums/percussion) and Sonny Sampson (bass)] at St Pancras Old Church on 21st March.


Night Wolves
A Thought, A Mind
Sweet Elizabeth