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Fight Like Apes share three unreleased tunes

Fight Like Apes share three unreleased tunes

It’s been over four years since the Irish pop punk synth band Fight Like Apes called it a day but MayKay from the band, who like all of us, has more time on her hands at home currently, shared some unreleased tunes from the band on their Soundcloud over the weekend and on Twitter.

There are three songs to listen to:

My Ball

“It’s about taking your ball home cos the lads are being dickheads.”


After this was recorded Jamie dared me to jump down the stairs in the gaff we were in. And I said no and he double dared me and I did it and it was a very bad idea.

“We were driving through London one time feeling very insignificant and next thing we saw Bob Geldof fall off a curb and look really embarrassed and everything was grand again. Wash your hands.

We could do with a Flapes reunion some time in the future after hearing these.

All their albums are on Bandcamp.