, Fionn Regan returns with new single; watch the new video starring Cillian Murphy

Fionn Regan will release his first album in five years this April 14th. The Meetings of the Waters arrives after Regan’s song was recently sampled on Bon Iver’s 22 A Million album, which resulted in the pair playing together at Berlin’s Michelberger Hotel live rehearsal shows that Vernon was involved with.

‘The Meetings of the Waters’, the meditative title and opening track has also been revealed today through a video directed by Dubliner Yousef Eldin and starring actor Cillian Murphy. The clip concerns a somewhat paranoid solitary car journey.

To precede its release, Fionn will headline London’s Union Chapel on the 7th April. Tickets go on sale from 10:00am Friday 3rd April via his site

The album co-produced by Fionn, Philip Tennant, and Dave Granshaw at Chale Abbey Studios on the Isle of Wight. It was mixed by Tom Elmhirst at Electric Lady Studios in New York, and by Tchad Blake at Mongrel Studios in Wales It features eleven tracks. It’ll be released on Fionn’s own label imprint – 常に愛 TSUNENI AI / ABBEY RECORDS, which translates to ‘Always Love’ in Japanese.

The Meetings of the Waters on Spotify / iTunes:


  1. The Meetings Of The Waters
Cormorant Bird
  3. Turn The Skies Of Blue On
Cape Of Diamonds
  5. Book Of The Moon
  6. Babushka – Yai Ya
愛 Ai
  8. Wall Of Silver
  9. Euphoria
Up Into The Rafters
常に愛 Tsuneni Ai