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First Listen: OneKnown – ‘#009’

First Listen: OneKnown – ‘#009’

When he first appeared with music, Chris Hanna was truly and deliberately an unknown entity. The name as Unknown, information was minimal, tracks were numbered and little else. Tracks ‘#001’ – ‘#009’ marked his beginnings and then he had a too-short merger with Gemma Dunleavey as UNKNWN which was very much public facing and was the first time we learned who was behind the music (I distinctly remember someone cocksurely assuring me the music of UNKNWN was actually by Ryan Vail).

That collaboration didn’t last however and Hanna has shed the name and moved on with the experience to OneKnown, from which you may have heard ‘JST BKZ’.

Now the entire solo output has been collected from the early EPs to tracks like ‘#001’ (as heard on John Talabot’s DJ-Kicks) compilation release.) to once off tracks. The compilation is released on Monday from Junodownload and the following week from December 8th everywhere else.

Here’s an exlusive neer-heard-before track from the comp showcasing the ambient, electronic and post-garage workings of Mr Hanna – ‘#009’:

Here’s a sampler of The Story So Far

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