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Fish Go Deep announce new album What I Mean By Beautiful

Fish Go Deep announce new album What I Mean By Beautiful

The Cork house duo of Greg Dowling and Shane Johnson are back with a new album this month.

What I Mean By Beautiful is to be released on November 24th this year, two years on from their third album This Bit Of Earth.

The title track is now available to hear – a warped dub deep piano and bass electronic number with a hypnotic spoken hook.

The press release says:

What I Mean By Beautiful touches on the previous collection’s themes of upheaval and dislocation, digging through the lost and found of modern life and always looking for light in dark places.

The album marks something of a return to the duo’s house music roots, with a four-to-the-floor foundation underpinning many of the eleven tracks, over a wide range of tempos. It exudes a warm, natural sound, where samples sit with modular synths, programmed drums with live loops, and quirky plugins with obscure outboard gear.

The album feautures ‘Be Brave’, the result of a collaborative project with author Lisa McInerney and actor Hillary Rose.

The album is available for pre-order from Bandcamp where it is available digitally and on vinyl.

The Fish Go Deep podcast is still going strong.

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