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Flight of the (rubber)bandits

Flight of the (rubber)bandits


If you’ve been watching the (frankly going downhill rapid) second series of Flight of the Conchords you may have come across this song in the fifth episode which was directed by Michel Gondry. You may also have noticed this comedy song is very similar in sentiment to the Limerick messers’ Rubberbandits comedy club anthem ‘Too Many Gee’. The Flight of the Conchords version is called ‘Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor’. The song is different but the idea is the same.

Before you claim blogger paranoia, the Bandits themselves genuinely believe there’s some degree of borrowing here and it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Comedian David O’ Doherty is friends with The Conchords and is a fan of the Rubberbandits. Have a look.

Rubberbandits – Too Many Gee

The Rubberbandits will be playing in Dublin next month with David O’ Doherty in the Button Factory on the 10th of March and with DJ Mek in Eamonn Dorans on the 16th of March. In other related news, remember the Martial Arts Kid video from Monday? Well his name is Achilles from Killarney and he has a diss track of the boys after the jump…

Finally, 5 actual rap songs that are actually worse than ‘Too Many Gee’.

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