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Floating Points – J&W Beat

Floating Points – J&W Beat

Full report from Rock en Seine when the mountain of work ahead of me after the weekend is less than avalanche in size. In the meantime, this is a tune for your happiness meter. Floating Points – ‘J&W Beat’:

A killer tune released on Planet Mu in July. Another EP is forthcoming in next week which you can listen to samples of here (thanks to cubik) Another track after the jump.

Elsewhere: New Why? Themselves track / Pitchfork’s Top 50 Videos of the decade / Jay-Z and Beyonce groove to Grizzly Bear live while in the double-WTF department Michael McDonald appears on a re-recording of ‘Two Weeks’ (iTunes link) / Memory Tapes mixtape / Four Tracks from Q-Tip’s soon to be released but unreleased since 2001 Kamaal The Abstract.

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