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Four Tet – ‘Three Drums’

Four Tet – ‘Three Drums’

If you were expecting some sort of dubstep banger from Kieran Hebden after his recent forays into main stage DJ sets with Skrillex and Fred Again, well you’ll be sorely disappointed with the new Four Tet song.

‘Three Drums’ is a return to the cerebral Four Tet sound of old, the softer non-dancefloor side.

It comes just as his old band Fridge are getting a spotlight with a 20th anniversary reissue of debut album Happiness. That band’s experimental electronics and live acoustics with hip-hop beats feels like a neat throughline to a lot of Hebden’s headphone listening music.

‘Three Drums’ is majestic in tone, the kind of song that would have bookended a Back To Mine / compilation, strings and synth rushes over the course of 8 lush minutes.

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Good chance this is part of a new Four Tet album, as the artist tweeted last week.