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Friendly Fires’ Ed McFarlane is releasing a rare synth compilation

Friendly Fires’ Ed McFarlane is releasing a rare synth compilation


While Friendly Fires don’t sound like they’re getting back together any time soon, singer Ed Macfarlane will release Glistens, a compilation of rare, unreleased 80s synth soundtracks tomorrow. The 18-track collection will be released on Universal Publishing Production Music’s (UPPM) sub label Chappell and streaming on their site tomorrow.

Here’s a taste called Second Ordeal.

Ed says:

“I grew up in the era of digital synthesis. I vividly remember encountering my first synth as a child. Once I had filtered through the dull presets, I arrived at the special sounds that shimmered with an otherworldly and futuristic atmosphere. They immediately transported me to Tron-esque landscapes and into pixelated arcade computer screens. For maximum effect, listen to this compilation immersed in a sea of dry ice, with lasers on full and a pair of diffraction glasses wrapped firmly around your head. If this is not possible, simply let these tracks shimmer and glisten before your eyes.”

Ed’s been busy

Ed has teamed up with Edd Gibson of the band and have released an album with Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle) as The Pattern Forms. The album is inspired by a “shared love of soundtracks and electronic library music of the 70s and 80s”.

Not only that, Ed is also on the new Michael Mayer album too.

Glistens Track Listing

1 Evil at Play Steven Jeffries / Mary Carewe / Donald Greig
2 Cloud Hopping Paul Shaw / Dave Rodgers
3 Endurance Test Nick Sargent
4 Shining Ice Paul Williams / Andy Grossart
5 Shorelines Rick Baker
6 Sunken Cathedral Paul Williams
7 Dawn of Space C Nigel Bates
8 The Twilight Zone Mark Emney
9 New Dawn Paul Williams / Andy Grossart
10 Heatseeker Main Theme Wolfgang Kafer
11 Phasors Per Nielsen
12 Bubbling Under Nigel Bates
13 Second Ordeal Frank McDonald / Terry Devine King
14 Safari John Wagstaff / John Arthey
15 Dawn Run Nick Sargent
16 Tropical Paradise Rick Fenn
17 Air Currents David Mellor
18 Evolution Barry Caws