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GavinDaVinci – ‘Council House Freestyle’

GavinDaVinci – ‘Council House Freestyle’

PX Music are never not at it. After last week’s Citrus Fresh track, the Limerick-based rap collective’s GavinDaVinci has released a new track.

The track follows on from the Tipperary-reared rapper’s 2019 superscumbagmode album and the Please, don’t listen to my shit if you love me EP this year.

Of the track – ‘Council House Freestyle’, Gavin says:

“I took a bit of time off to recalibrate but I came out just as angry and probably more annoyed that even though I’ve ran around the country like a mad man for 2 years, to my own discontent I haven’t amassed the capability to get my mother a new home. Our one we grew up in is an 80s council cottage, its always been cramped but full of memories. I’d like to buy it at some stage to own it and get my mother a new house with a bigger kitchen in Kilkenny because she thinks it’s lovely. This is why I rap now. And this is for all my council families.”