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Get these Waffles edits into you

Get these Waffles edits into you


A tune from the Waffles series is always something likely to get aired at a Lumo party.

Waffles a series of 12″ edits that come from Belgium (hence the name – the Belgians are known for them) that may or may not have a Soulwax connection (the first edits were originally played at Despacio by Soulwax last year).

So far, there’s been three vinyls in the series, focusing on exotic edits of tune like Spanish tune ‘El Turronero – Las ‘Penas (La caña)’ and African tune ‘Safari En Afrika’ by TodoTodo to name two.

The third Waffles release just came out and you can hear the tracks on Youtube / Soundcloud. Macau is my favourite and kicked off the recent Lumo mix below:

Buy the releases on Discogs / Juno / Phonica