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The best gigs, clubs & festivals in Dublin this week

The best gigs, clubs & festivals in Dublin this week

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Wednesday September 4th

  • Colours Afrobeat @ Arthur’s (€13+)
    International afrobeat collective currently based in the capital.
  • Sean OB @ Whelan’s Upstairs (€11+)
    Irish singer-songwriter with a no-frills vintage rock and roll flavour.

Thursday September 5th

Friday September 6th

Saturday September 7th

Fringe Fest

  • Club Comfort: Comfort Carnival @ National Stadium (12pm, €18+)
    The Club Comfort host a day-long affair with performances from Gemma Dunleavy, Sim Simma Soundsystem, Ushmush & more.
  • Loah & Bantum @ Pepper Cannister Church (€18+)
    These two artists have been excelling in their collaborative partnership.
  • Black Jam @ Abbey Theatre (10pm, €10+)
    The Fried Plantains collective host a blend of afro music, trad and spoken word in one superb show.
  • District 8: Kerri Chandler, Jeremy Underground, Brame & Hamo @ Jam Park (9pm, €33+)
    One of dance music’s biggest names in Swords.

Sunday September 1st


  • Play It Like A Riot Grrl @ The Lir (10am, €12+)
    A day-long hybrid of workshops, discussion and live performances for females and non-binary persons. Featuring SOAK & more.