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Girls Rock Dublin are hosting a workshop for girls aged 18 and over

Girls Rock Dublin are hosting a workshop for girls aged 18 and over


Girls Rock Dublin will be hosting an event titled Switched On in BIMM college Dublin on Monday May 28th.

The workshop is open to girls aged 18+ with 10 participants given the opportunity to take part in the workshops by Girls Rock Dublin coaches.

Workshops include:

Intro to Live Sound Engineering

A hands-on workshop that introduces participants to the world of Live Sound led by engineers/musicians Rossella Bottone and Aileen Wallace. Participants will learn about the technical aspects of sound engineering, terminology, mic placement, stage set-up, signal flow and mixing. The will also set stage for and mix for a live band.

Pedal Pushers – Guitar and bass pedal effects

In this workshop led by Lizza and Namoi of Bitch Falcon will be sharing their knowledge of work with effect pedals.

Voice coach and producer Karen Hammond teams up with composer and
multi-instrumentalist Ewa Gigon to introduce participants to Boss RC 20 Loop Station, used to record and replay musical phrases in real time which are then overdubbed.

Tickets for the three-hour workshop event are priced at €20. For more info go to

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