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God Knows continues to bring the Irish music scene together on the Amapiano song ‘Glory’

God Knows continues to bring the Irish music scene together on the Amapiano song ‘Glory’

Limerick MC God Knows is a founder of the Narolane label that features Denise Chaila, MuRli and GK at its core.

And as we’ve discussed with the man before on our podcast, he is a connector of the Irish music scene, bringing geographical rap scenes together.

On his latest single, and debut for Narolane, God Knows has cast his net wider than the rap genre and brings a cast of Irish musicians together on ‘Glory’ a track inspired by the South African jazzy house genre Amapiano, on a song produced by his brother Godwin Jonas with vocals from Senita Appiakorang (ex Shookrah), drums from Micheál Quinn (Meltybrains? / Dermot Kennedy), vocals from his sister Geraldine Jonas, production by Ian Ring (Boku) and engineering by David Anthony Curley (The Clinic).

Check out the track here:

“Glory means to bring honour. It means having the courage to risk it all. It means not blinking first. To take advantage of everything that has ever been taken for granted. To find the places where we have abandoned ourselves. To accept that you’ll get punched in the face and smile while your nose bleeds, knowing that we never fight for victory. We fight from victory. And so we give honour to the people who give us joy. Unapologetically black, Irish, diasporan, complex, fluid, and grounded. Glory is not a feeling, not ego worship, not insecurity. A lifestyle of praise and truth. Excellence, honour, praise, celebration, power, respect, integrity, purpose. This is what it means to walk in the Knowledge of God. Glory.”