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HAWK confront a late-night tailgater on ‘Take It Away’

HAWK confront a late-night tailgater on ‘Take It Away’


London-based band HAWK have released a new song inspired by Galway vocalist Julie Hawk’s friend being followed home on a night out.

‘Take it Away’ is a tumultuous slice of indie rock with layers of vocals and an impending harmonic creepiness that sets the backdrop for the story.

Her friend was told that she “shouldn’t have been out on her own at that time” but Julie says that comments like that “miss the point and are the main cause of the problem” in that it’s not the fault of the person being followed but the man who takes away her freedom to walk back home on her own.

It’s taken from a new EP called She Knows due March 17th on Veta Records.

HAWK’s last single, ‘Mirror Maze’ addressed society’s expectations of women, while ‘Once Told’ addresses the Irish abortion issue.


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