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Hawklion – ‘Africa’

Hawklion – ‘Africa’

Every four to six weeks or so, the guys and gals on BBC NI’s outstanding local music show Across The Line link up with me for an hour of myself and Rigsy playing new music back to back for each other.

I’m always impressed by the calibre of range of music coming out of Northern Ireland, there’s nearly a new band every week I’m interested in. So, it was kinda embarrassing (but not really) when Rigsy played a song last night from a Dublin band that thus far had escaped my radar.

The song was by the ridiculously named Hawklion, ‘Africa’, is a new one from the Dublin band who were formed when the band The Looks finished up.

They’d actually released an EP before in late 2012 called Gold & Silver which was inspired by the music of Duran Duran. ‘Africa’ is from the band’s second EP and is a step above that first release, for me.

‘Africa’ sounds more comfortable in its synth-indie pop skin with falsetto vocals than the other material. Thanks to ATL and Rigsy in particular for sharing it with us.

Hawklion - Africa (Pressure EP Official Video)