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HEALTH – ‘USA Boys’ / DISCO2 remix album

HEALTH – ‘USA Boys’ / DISCO2 remix album



A new track ‘USA Boys’ kicks off HEALTH’s upcoming Get Color remix album DISCO2 which also features remixes from CFCF, Javelin, Tobacco, Small Black, Gold Panda, Crystal Castles, Salem and more.

‘USA Boys’ a trippy electronic tune as it happens.


Here’s the Gold Panda remix of ‘Before Tigers’:

In case you missed the mental new gore-heavy video for ‘We Are Water’ by Eric Wareheim it’s after the thingie.

Disco2 Tracklisting

  1. USA Boys
  2. Before Tigers (CFCF remix)
  3. In Heat (Javelin remix)
  4. Die Slow (Tobacco remix)
  5. Severin (Small Black remix)
  6. Before Tigers (Gold Panda remix)
  7. Eat Flesh (Crystal Castles vs. Health 2 remix)
  8. In Violet (Salem remix)
  9. Nice Girls (Blondes remix)
  10. Die Slow (Pictureplane remix)
  11. Nice Girls (Little Loud remix)
  12. Before Tigers (Blindoldfreak remix)