Hear new Irish artist Outsider, as featured on US TV show Shadow Hunters last night

Outsider is an Irish multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter from Galway who has found some immediate success with his debut song ‘Late Night Radio’, when it was featured on US TV showShadow Hunters last night.

‘Late Night Radio’ is a chugging Springsteen-esque rock song with guitar lines brandished like The Edge doing post-punk.


Another song ‘Miol Mor Mara’ is to be released 100% of the song’s profits from physical, digital sales and royalties are being donated to Down’s Syndrome Ireland.

Outsider says:

“When I wrote both ‘Late Night’ & ‘Miol Mor Mara’ I was experiencing a huge sadness in my life. I had just been left by the girl I loved, my band had broke up, I was drinking, and I felt totally alone. I started a new job at that time and in the mornings I would work with a Down syndrome kid. Working with this kid changed my life, I was so down and every morning he would meet me with a big smile on his face and I would forget about everything for the time I was with him. I was reading Joseph Campbell at the time and he was talking about the ‘Jonah and the Whale’ part of your life where you get swallowed up. I just It felt like me and that kid were two whales just going into the ocean every day, one sad whale, and one happy whale cheering him up all the time. It is awesome when I look back, it always fills me with nostalgia”.

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