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Hear Zack De La Rocha’s El-P produced new single ‘Digging For Windows’

Hear Zack De La Rocha’s El-P produced new single ‘Digging For Windows’


While his former fellow Rage Against The Machine members are leading a noble but not exactly well-thought out new project with Chuck D and Cypress Hill (a Samsung-sponsored TV event jars with the song), Zack De La Rocha’s most recent feature with Run The Jewels on ‘Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)’ has lead to El-P producing ‘Digging For Windows’, a new solo single Rocha. El-P collaborators Matt Sweeney and Nick Hook play guitar and keys respectively.

Zack de la Rocha - Digging For Windows (Official Audio)

The track is a free download too.


fuck that bright shit
the spot or the flashlights
we in la ducking both
in the shadows with lead pipes
the days are all night

see if i pay edison
no medicine
these blues ain’t more better when
my fever rise in the jungle
as quick as the price spikes
the days are all night

my future snapped like a rubber band
off my fold on a hand to hand
he drew from his waist
i put two in his roof
and i can still hear his screams
all night

now they ride their portfolios
like rodeos
rise every time my cherry glows
on the end of my cig as
the smoke blows through the bars
and the co’s laugh fades
as he strolls away
says i gotta pay
off that roll away
or its fuck your visitation days
and i pop off so in solitaire
i dream of offing these fred astaires
and the skin off my fingers tear
we digging for windows here
where the days are all night

this city’s a trap my partner
under the lights of they choppers
bodies tools for they coffers
not worth the cost of our coffins
i stare at a future so toxic
no trust in the dust of a promise
won’t mark the name on a ballot
so they can be free to devour our options
and just like you I’m a target
ill defined by the guap in my pocket
but the stage make figures
as quick as it off em
what marley and pac get?
i put these caps in capitals
leave minds blazed in they capitols
i step with a fury so actual fact
that my offense could be capital

we digging for windows here

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