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Heartbreak & healing in Fia Moon’s new single ‘Better Days’ (premiere)

Heartbreak & healing in Fia Moon’s new single ‘Better Days’ (premiere)


We’re delighted to be premiering ‘Better Days’, the newest single from Irish pop artist Fia Moon, on the site today.

The track marks the first of six singles Moon is set to release throughout 2020. The singles are joined together under a shared exploration of heartbreak and healing.

‘Better Days’ begins as an admission of vulnerability, the opening lines find Moon feeling isolated “It’s five in the morning / the walls keep talking”.

Self-doubt seems very much at the root of the conflict in ‘Better Days’, a reflection of Moon’s personal experience during the time she and writing partners Rob Harvey and Lewis Thompson worked on the song.

Speaking on that issue, Moon explains “when we wrote the song, I had only done a handful of sessions and didn’t really know what I was doing. I was struggling to balance a break-up, music stuff, moving house, and a full-time job, which I later quit. So, in a short space of time, my whole life had suddenly been totally uprooted and in a big city like London, you can feel very alone.”

If there’s a resolution or closure offered to those feelings of doubt it’s in the sleek, uplifting arrangement behind ‘Better Days’.

While the arrangement feels relatively muted during the opening verse, with both the guitar accompaniment and Moon’s vocals given a fair dose of big room reverb, the onset of the chorus centres the entire mix.

The beat, once it kicks in, has a Latin feel in the way it swings. It’s instantly catchy with it’s rising chord progression playing off against Moon’s vocal delivery.

The overall effect makes ‘Better Days’ a nuanced pop song, one that balances radio-friendly aesthetic with emotional authenticity.

‘Better Days’ comes out on all streaming platforms on April 10th.