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iamamiwhoami part 8 – the saga continues

iamamiwhoami part 8 – the saga continues

It’s a song! Do you care anymore? The song is very Golden Filter-esque and is called ‘O’.

FYI: Una caught Jonna Lee at SXSW (I just missed her) and said her acoustic folk tunes didn’t sit well with this project. So it’s either not her, or it’s a different project she’s involved in. See photos of her at the fest.

iamamiwhoami (is that what they are called?) asked Tara Busch to remix their track. Here it is with an explanation below:

Iamamiwhoami;b,2 by Tara Busch (remix) by TaraBusch

A few weeks ago, I was anonymously sent the audio stems of iamamiwhoami’s recent iTunes release – a mind bending song simply titled “b”. The only instructions were “08.04.10”. After an excited gasp & a hefty shot of espresso, I switched on the machines and set about to remix the fabulous iamamiwhoami. I have no idea if I was the only one who received the instructions or if another 100 producers around the world did as well. When you’re invited to participate in a game this cool, you don’t ask too many questions. “