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Club 8 and their furry friends.
With too many promo emails coming through each day, it can be hard to give due coverage to everything I’d like to feature. Here are some songs I’ve been sent which deserve more of your time and mine.

This time around featuring Flying Lotus, Penguin Prison, The Ambience Affair, The Radio Depart, Padraig McCauley, Lucky Soul, Club 8, Primary 1 and Secret Cities.

  1. Toronto producer Pilotpriest says this track was mistaken for a song from Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack. It sounds nothing like Daft Punk. Imagine Fuck Buttons if they weren’t allowed use distortion and you’re almost there. This is an epic twelve-minute long piece which builds from ambience before a beat drops nearly FIVE minutes in. it goes from this rise to a fall and back to ambience again. I love a good beat tease. [iTunes]

    MP3: PilotPriest – Body Double

  2. First taster from string-laden classic indie-popsters Lucky Soul’s second album which is also called A Coming of Age.

    MP3: Lucky Soul – A Coming of Age

  3. Another band on the highlife buzz, Club 8 are a Swedish band who have been listening to lots of African music made in the ’70s. This is officially released on Labrador Records on April 7th.

    MP3: Club 8 – Western Hospitality

  4. On the same label, The Radio Dept. return with their long overdue third album Clinging to a Scheme. It was last summer when I wrote about the first song off this record but the release date is now 19th April 2010.

    MP3: The Radio Dept. – Heaven’s On Fire

  5. Fans of UNKLE’s latest album War Stories will know this song. It’s a cover/remix by Swedish producer Mojib which keeps the original vocals. In keeping with the theme he mashs it up with The Radio Dept. and adds his own instrumentation.

    MP3: Mojib – Mayday Revisited

  6. A band from Fargo! My goodness. This isn’t exactly Coen Brothers territory though. It’s layered electronics and live instruments. It’s obscure with a catchy ping-whistle flourish, acoustic guitar, piano and reverse beats. It should be a mess but it works out wonderfully. Actually, maybe it is like the Coen Brothers.. The band recently signed to Western Vinyl, home of J. Tillman and Here We Go Magic,

    MP3: Secret Cities – Pink Graffiti pt. 1

  7. Indiecater Records are releasing The Ambience Affair’s most recent Patterns EP digitally. You can hear streaming here or listen to another track ‘Lost At The Start’ here. See the great video for ‘Devil In The Detail’ here.

    MP3: The Ambience Affair – Lost At The Start

  8. Joe Flory aka Primary 1 got in touch with Nina Persson of the Cardigans/A-Camp and the result was this kaleidoscopic electronic pop ditty. An album is expected later in the year on Atlantic Records.

    MP3: Primary 1 featuring Nina Persson – The Blues

  9. Padraig McCauley is from Naas, Co. Kildare and as far as I know these the first few songs he has ever released. The song are rough and ready but with promise, marrying indie rock with electronics to good effect. He’ll be releasing an EP every month for the next 3 months from his site. The second tune reminds me of So Cow in a big way.

    MP3: Padraig Mc Cauley – My Side

    MP3: Padraig Mc Cauley – Almost in Greece

  10. Dublin’s All City Records has released the second in the LA Series of 10, this time from Take and matthewDavid. You can hear a snippets mix of how it goes down.

    MP3: Take and matthewDavid – LA Series#2 snippets

    Also out now is Muhsinah’s new 7″ featuring beats from Flying Lotus and 00Genesis and vocals from herself. Buy it here.

    MP3: Muhsinah featuring Flying Lotus & 00Genesis snippets

    Here’s a bonus Take mix (tracklisting and download)
    Take YOU ARE I AM WE BE MIX 2010  by  allcitydublin

  11. Sweet remix of this song by Luxury Living:

    MP3: Penguin Prison – Something I’m Not (Luxury Living Remix)

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