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Intro: Dah Jevu – alt Dublin rap duo

Intro: Dah Jevu – alt Dublin rap duo


Over the weekend, I got acquainted with some new Irish music at Hard Working Class Heroes, one of which, Hare Squead, I’d only heard in name but went on to interview and then see live. I was impressed by what I heard, the Blanchardstown / Tallaght trio had a full band, backing singers and a sound that encompassed a soulful, poppy hip-hop sound.

Staying with rap, but with a group that who didn’t play the festival, Bobby Basil & Tafari Pesto are Dah Jevu, another new rap proposition from Dublin, who are more in the alternative end of the rap spectrum. ‘Hawks Of Nepthys’ is their introduction, via a Hugh Mulhern video and a trippy dark track.

They play’s Faces Of Guinness Amplify gig this Saturday at The Mercantile.