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Intro: Dustin Tebbutt – Aussie / Scandinavian falsetto folk

Intro: Dustin Tebbutt – Aussie / Scandinavian falsetto folk


Not content with life in his home of Australia, Dustin Tebbutt looked north. Where many Oz entertainment exports aim for UK success, Tebbutt looked further north to Sweden, a country with chillier climate but a hot music scene. His two years experience of working and making music there significantly influenced his musical output.

New single ‘Bones’ is a Bon-Iver-esque charmer, there’s no denying that.

His debut EP, The Breach is a lovely four-track collection of indie-folk songs with nods to the sound of American peers: the aforementioned Bon Iver and The Low Anthem along with Swedish ones like The Tallest Man On Earth and José Gonzales. Your comfort with how close those comparisons are will dictate whether you can enjoy Tebbutt’s tunes on their own.

Dustin Tebbutt - The Breach (Official Video)

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