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Intro: Sissy – lo-fi feminist garage punk

Intro: Sissy – lo-fi feminist garage punk


“You know this battle can only be won if we are on our knees.” Unidentified priest.

So begins the short debut EP from new Dublin rock band Sissy (featuring members of Fag Enablerz and Putrefaction), before launching into ‘Sail & Rail’, a song about going to England to get an abortion with Enya which steals the melody from her song ‘Orinoco Flow’. “Stick your dick in me so I can go on holidays / 2 Obstetricians and a G.P / won’t tell me I’m not going on holidays,” the band sing to a lo-fi bockety catchy rock arrangement cheerily.

The 11-minute EP is heavy on the sarcasm but with a realistic feminist motivation. ‘No Mickey On The Mouse’ is similarly humorous in its delivery and anti-patriarchal in its outlook – a singalong song for kicking against the pricks delivered with a potent garage-rock shuffle. Ditto ‘Nothing’ – “nothing tastes as shit as getting treated like nothing feels.”

It’s a short release but Sissy have lots of character, plenty to say and funny and fun ways to say them.

You can get the EP at Bandcamp.