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Intro: Vinny Adebisi Shank & Rupert Bats are Speed Of Snakes

Intro: Vinny Adebisi Shank & Rupert Bats are Speed Of Snakes

Way back when Myspace was a thing, you may have caught a glimpse of a profile from Speed Of Snakes, a side project of Rupert from Bats and Vinny from Adebisi Shank/ The Vinny Club. Those old Myspace profiles are now gone with that dead network’s recent redesign but Speed Of Snakes are back and ready to properly unleash new music on us. ‘Arroway’ is that track, a digitised synthesizer 8-bit pop track possibly inspired by the name of the Jodie Foster’s character in Contact. Check out the duo’s sci-fi bio below too.

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On the first day, 88 trillion years ago, the great snake Metatraxium created the Universe, the Earth and all the life upon it. Each species birthed from a succession of fantastic and horrifying eggs. The last unhatched egg of Metatraxium, found in 8041 BD* by Portuguese alchemists, was kept safe for thousands of years by, among others, the infamous serpent-cult, Delta Expelletrax, before hatching on a pleasant June day at 1:48 in the afternoon. Out stepped the cryptic figure of David Optic, messianic snake-prince of Metatraxium. Lord of vibration, port of mutation, bird-eater and future-seer. Issuing from his crotch were twin metal snakes (X and Y**), writhing and coiling at various speeds and generating curious sound waves. These are those sound waves.

*Before David

** X= Vin McCreith (Adebisi Shank)
Y= Rupert Morris (BATS)

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