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Introducing: The Casanova Wave

Introducing: The Casanova Wave

Having already received some nice blog love already in recent weeks, you may be aware of Waterford man Brian McCartan’s solo project The Casanova Wave.

The Casanova Wave’s self-titled EP is a solo project through and through: written, recorded mastered and played by McCartan with laptop, synths, guitars and electric drum kit. The resulting five-track EP is filled with promising, spirited electronic jams with a bit of vocodered vocals over the top occasionally. There are plenty of gigs coming up around Ireland this month and next including Roisin Dubh, Galway on November 11th & December 16th (as part of On the Record vs Strange Brew), a show with At Last An Atlas in The Mercantile on November 4th and much more.

Here’s the second track from the EP – the jaunty workout of ‘Kimota!’:
The Casanova Wave – Kimota! by Nialler9

You can purchase the EP via Bandcamp.

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