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Introducing: Florene

Introducing: Florene


florene Waaga are another label who have piqued interest on my radar lately with releases from FUR and Spirituals, Sunglasses and soon, the Low Sea.

This week sees the label release Florene’s Homemade Extacy, the Denton, Texas duo’s album and their first proper release on Waaga after a series of EPs, singles and cassettes (one is downloadable). It’s a mix of the kind of electronic live band rushes provided by the likes of Fuck Buttons and Holy Fuck with dark atmospherics, industrial sounds and a whole lot of swathing synths of the likes of doom-friendly SALEM. Homemade Extacy is chock-full of dirty digital noise, echoing shadowy vocals, ephemeral glimpses of rhythm, seemingly contradictory hi-NRG drones and twisted rhythms.

Florene – Deal With It

Florene – Space Cadets

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