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Introducing: We Are Losers

Introducing: We Are Losers


Super Extra Bonus Party guitarist Gavin Elsted (DOI: He’s a good friend) has been busy lately with some solo projects. First as Adultrock which is mostly remix work (including that Adebisi Shank one) and now as We Are Losers, which focuses mainly on scuzzy lo-fi indie-pop. A 3-track EP has been released on Bandcamp.

Some live dates are forthcoming which will feature a full-band.

Here’s the drenched in fuzz, three-minute rush of ‘The Narcissist’:

And the melodic catchy head trip of ‘Empty Head’.

Another Panda-Bear esque track is up on Bandcamp so grab the full EP. An explanation of the name is after the jump.

We Are Losers comes from a desire to stray away from the nihilistic sentiments that a lot of similar bands go for – there’s a sort of cheeriness in it that we are all losers in our own way,no one wins all the time.

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