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Introducing: Penguin Prison

Introducing: Penguin Prison

penguinprison If you follow music blogs closely, you’ll probably have heard this tune. That’s because a) it’s released through Neon Gold Records and b) it’s frickin’ awesome.

I had left it for a bit but I heard it again while Aoife was researching her radio show Right Click Radio (2XM Wednesdays at 5pm, Friday at Noon – listen here) and it’s been on my playlist since. Let’s ignore that another tune on his Myspace ( ‘Animal Animal’ sounds like a corny Caribbean cod-reggae tune with the lyrics “I wish Mike Tyson was my friend”), ‘A Funny Thing’ is a great headphones song with a perky taut rhythm and a poppy chorus. The definitive tune from this lone New Yorker right now.

MP3: Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing

You can buy the 7″ from Pure Groove internationally and for US peeps via the Neon Gold Shop.

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