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Introducing: The Sound of Arrows

Introducing: The Sound of Arrows

You may have heard The Sound of Arrows‘ ‘M.A.G.I.C.’ already around the blogosphere.

Chances are you had one of three reactions:
1) You bloody hated it.
2) You loved its absolutely like a fat kid loves cake.
3) You cynically pointed to the usage of the children in the chorus as example of a song that’s sugar-coated itself too far and dismissed the Scandinavian duo from the off.

If you chose option 3 or 1, you (and formerly I) are WRONG. The correct answer is option 2. You might spend 90% of your time listening to lo-fi surf rock songs or “glo-fi” bands from America but you will love this unabashedly and absolutely, whether you know it or not. EVEN if you leave a comment saying it is pants.

The Sound of Arrows are from Sweden and by god have they got their aesthetic down pat. They create all the celestial videos and artwork for all their songs.

Check out the OTT video:


Get your breathe back there before you continue.

They’ve even made a video for their recent remix:

Ridiculous. Don’t fight it. Here are the MP3 particulars.

The Sound of Arrows – M.A.G.I.C

The Sound of Arrows – M.A.G.I.C (Curtis Vodka remix)