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Irish alt-folk artist Anna Mieke enlists Rozi Plain & pals on new single ‘Twin’

Irish alt-folk artist Anna Mieke enlists Rozi Plain & pals on new single ‘Twin’

Anna Mieke is the Wicklow songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is looking ahead to the release of a second album after 2019’s Idle Mind with the release of her first single in two years.

‘Twin’ is a lilting folk song featuring playing from Rozi Plain (This Is The Kit) on bass, Matthew Jacobson(ReDiViDeR) on percussion, Ryan Hargadon (Kojaque, Rachael Lavelle) on synths & piano,and Cora Venus Lunny on strings.

“The song for me, brings me back to the intensity of my early twenties, new people,
relationships, places, and also the craving to be constantly moving, to be somewhere different… a perpetual unsettledness. The song touches on memory vs
reality, and the romanticisation of certain memories. We have a tendency to over-analyse and over-describe moments too, which can take away from the actual time/event/experience we’re wanting to remember.”

Anna Mieke

The song comes with a video by V Haddad, who has previously worked with the likes of Big Thief, Hand Habits, and Katie Von Schleicher.

“Anna Mieke and I collaborated on the video for “Twin” and wanted to create a sort of portrait of remembering. We visualized what might be the lens wuse to look
back and highlighted the imperfect conversation that happens between our past and present selves – with warmth and understanding. It is a montage of mental life and memory.”

V Haddad

‘Twin’ is out now on Nettwerk.

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