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Irish music industry reps launch a research survey to make a case for a national strategy for music

Irish music industry reps launch a research survey to make a case for a national strategy for music


First Music Contact and Sound Diplomacy have launched a research survey towards making the case for a National Strategy for Music to guide investment in the sector.

They are calling all musicians and those who work in music in Ireland to contribute.

First Music Contact, the Arts Council-funded national resource organisation for musicians and the independent music sector, is working on a ten-year plan to develop and improve and support the infrastructure for musicians and the wider music sector in Ireland.

Together with Sound Diplomacy, a UK based music industry research company, and a steering group that included Irish musicians, labels, managers, studios, publishers, and other professionals working within the industry, they have developed a research template which will measure and map the health of current music support infrastructure of our Industry. This research will then provide clear insights to deliver a comprehensive roadmap for development.

The research seeks to include all genres of music in order to develop a strategy and programmes to address areas where there are gaps in provision. On completion, First Music Contact will work together with industry and government to develop programs and investment to deliver these plans.

“This is a different kind of research than that carried out in Ireland in the past” said Angela Dorgan, CEO of First Music Contact, which is driving the research

“We are not measuring the economic impact of music in Ireland, or the jobs it clearly creates or even the importance of music to our countries health, wellbeing and reputation. That case has, we feel, been made very well. What we are trying to do is measure what intervention, support, impact and investment the sector needs to develop further from the ground up so that everyone, and in particular the makers, are helped to develop to their full potential so that this important contribution by music and musicians can be sustained.” She continued. “We predict those investments will help our artists and those working with and around them to better compete in a global market and increase the global impact of all Irish music by acting at a local and national level.”

The aim is to not only make sure the challenges and opportunities you face are clearly identified, but also to consider the common goals that can be reached in support of a sustainable music industry for all. Your help is needed in order to shape the future direction and priorities in building a vibrant music sector in Ireland. Please participate and share.

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