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J Smith enlists friends for his new EP about family

J Smith enlists friends for his new EP about family

Singer-songwriter J Smith has released a new 5-track EP called Baby Farm.

The title track, previously shared, finds the former Gypsies On The Autobahn artist drawing on his unique family living situation, that comes from the decision to raise his child with his wife living alongside his two friends (One of which is Max Zaska) and their three children on one plot of farmland in the countryside, known among friends as the ‘Baby Farm’.

The EP also features the songs ‘Rotunda’, ‘March Moon’, ‘All That I Need’ and ‘Pleas’ and features Faye O’Rourke (Soda Blonde), Karen Cowley (Krea/Wyvern Lingo), Melina Malone, Antoinette Dunleavy and Gareth Quinn Redmond.

The EP speaks of quiet moments with his wife and child, as well as his tumultuous experience of becoming a father in a hospital during COVID.

Baby Farm is about me, my big family, and all you have to figure out when you become a parent. It stretches from quiet moments with my wife and my child clambering over me, to memories of traumas faced forced into a hospital setting to give birth to Connie.

J Smith plays the Cobblestone this Friday the 20th of October with friends Dylan Lynch (Soda Blonde / Moondiver) and Aidan Gray (Big Sleep) to celebrate the release of Baby Farm EP.

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