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Jape escapes his inner critic with the title track from his new “private record” Sentinel

Jape escapes his inner critic with the title track from his new “private record” Sentinel

Richard Egan aka Jape is set to release a new album next month on Faction Records. Entitled Sentinel, we have the first listen to the title track today which sets the mood for the record to come.

‘Sentinel’ is a gentle and reflective song about beating out the inner critic inside you by getting up earlier than it does and exploring creativity without its voice commenting on what you are doing.


More details on the album shortly.

Says Egan:

There is a short time when I wake up from a dream, I am unaware of myself. This period of comforting stasis is my favourite time of the day. No problems, no stress, no ego. Pure suspension.

After such graceful respite, slowly and unfortunately, from somewhere tiny within this infinite place crawls annoying narrowness, a living human.

As the morning happens to happen, this wistful fog feeling sticks around, an old hand showing a new employee the ropes, another first day in the being alive business. It speaks, ‘remember all this lack of information. Let’s not think, especially about afternoons.’

Mornings taught me about real peace, supplying ways to renew wonder into my days. At last. Finally embracing irrelevance with love. Looking into the mirror and thinking, ‘How long can I ignore this poor prick before i have to answer him?’

This is where the songs on Sentinel come from, from early mornings of no thought. Whatever the dreams left out on their doorsteps for me.

It is a private record and I hope you can share in this privacy.

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