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Listen to Jennifer Evans’ artful & frantic new single ‘Bakkos’

Listen to Jennifer Evans’ artful & frantic new single ‘Bakkos’

Jennifer Evans is ready to follow up her debut album Works From the Dip and Foul with a new single on May 6th.

‘Bakkos’ is a change of tone for the musician whose last album had a jazz / harmonic / indie sound the last time out.

The song is more frantic and leans towards art-rock squall and a post-rock rhythmic style. All the while Evans sounds most like PJ Harvey at her most abrasive and raucous.

The song is “a tale about the narrator passing an internal self-judgment on their own indulgence in a imaginary Bacchanalian court, gaining no comfort, perhaps as her own indulgence is an escape from pain.”

‘Bakkos’ is a brave new step for Evans. The single was written by Evans and co-produced by herself, Gavin Farrell and Marc Pell (the drummer from Micachu & The Shapes).

Watch the video by Matthew Stylianou.

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