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JJ Lee of Ghostking Is Dead touches upon the sublime in debut solo single ‘Thursday’

Kerry native JJ Lee is probably best known for his bass work with Hausu Records’ Cork group Ghostking Is Dead and Dry Roasted Peanuts.

Today, Lee has released his first solo single. The track is called ‘Thursday’ and features some dreamy vocoder-heavy vocals from fellow Kerryman Scenes.

There’s a warmth and depth throughout the entirety of ‘Thursday’, introduced immediately in the crackle of the drum mix. The bass, unsurprisingly so, is supreme – full of body and character.

A relatively simple track, comprised of a couple of chord progressions and a few lyrical ideas ‘Thursday’ finds so much life and depth in the Kerry voices sampled throughout. Little snippets of radio shows and of GAA commentary flitter in and out of the mix, above Scenes’ vocals.

Lee clearly has a lot of love for where he comes from. It’s there, unmistakably present in the makeup of ‘Thursday’ as a song.

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