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Jungle – ‘Time’

Jungle – ‘Time’


Jungle duo J and T hit it big with ‘Busy Earnin’, a song which ushered in the sound of the summer before the season was actually here. Now that the sun is in the air (disclaimer: I can’t be held responsible for presence/or lack of aforementioned sun), Jungle are back to claim it once more.

‘Time’ picks up where ‘Busy Earnin’ left off, maybe too close to it, that the formula is starting to become more obvious for the band’s sound. Still, it’s a smooth summer groove and still very much in line with all of their work so far.

The band’s debut self-titled album is released on July 11th on XL. Tracklisting below. They’re playing Electric Picnic.

Jungle - Time (Audio)

The album tracklist is:

1. The Heat
2. Accelerate
3. Busy Earnin’
4. Platoon
5. Drops
6. Time
7. Smoking Pixels
8. Julia
9. Crumbler
10. Son Of A Gun
11. Lucky I Got What I Want
12. Lemonade Lake

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