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!Kaboogie mash series: Santogold vs Various Productions

!Kaboogie mash series: Santogold vs Various Productions


Good to see another Irish promoter push themselves a bit more on the web. !Kaboogie have just begun a Mash of the Week project posted simultaneously on their website and on the homoludo blog. Contributors include A-Force, Richie !Kaboogie, Sixfoot Apprentice, Redmonk, and various friends on the Irish “hardcore-continuum” scene.

The first ‘Monster Mash’ by PCP is up now on Homoludo and !Kaboogie. It’s a mash of Santogold’s ‘Creator’ and Various Production’s ‘Monster’. watch out for the next one on Friday on the above sites.

PCP – Moster Mash (Santogold vs Various Productions)

In other news, Stasis are throwing their next bash in 4 Dame Lane on the 4th of December with Phil Lam (Stasis), Prozac [VOid] vs Redmonk (!Kaboogie), Patch vs Simon Hayes (Stasis) and Bonz vs Ricky Force (Reach/174). Just 6 euro in. Flyer in the read more.