, Watch Kate Bush’s visual for the live version of And Dream Of Sheep

To accompany the live single of ‘And Dream Of Sheep’, originally recorded on Hounds Of Love in 1985 and performed at Kate Bush’s 22 concert run in London of Before The Dawn, which is released as on Friday as a triple album.

This film was made Kate performed live in a huge water tank at Pinewood Studios. A day of filming lead to mild hypothermia on day one but she soldiered on. The film was projected during Before The Dawn.

Bush did her first interview in five years with BBC 6 Music’s Matt Everitt. The hour-long interview can be heard here.

You can hear disc two broadcast by Tom Robinson.

Act One
“Hounds of Love”
“Top of the City”
“Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God) (Extended)
“King of the Mountain” (Extended)

The Ninth Wave
Video Interlude – “And Dream of Sheep”
“Under Ice”
“Waking the Witch”
“Watching You Without Me”
“Jig of Life”
“Hello Earth”
“The Morning Fog” (contains elements of “Cloudbusting”)

Act Two
A Sky of Honey
“Prelude” (contains elements of “50 Words for Snow”)
“Prologue” (extended, contains elements of “The Sensual World” and “A Coral Room”)
“An Architect’s Dream”
“The Painter’s Link”
“Aerial Tal”
“Somewhere in Between” (extended)
“Tawny Moon” (performed by Albert McIntosh)
“Nocturn” (contains elements of “Waking the Witch”) (extended)