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Kitt Philippa releases uplifting & luminous new track ‘Human’

Kitt Philippa releases uplifting & luminous new track ‘Human’

Kitt Philippa who formerly went under the name Katharine Philippa has released new music for the first time in over two years. Previously, the Belfast-based artist stunned me with a cover of four Justin Bieber songs in one.

Philippa is very talented and thoughtful singer and musician who performs in an open and honest way, unburdened by external pressure and it shows. There’s a sense of deliberation that follows through onto the tracks. Most recently, a name change from Katharine Philippa to Kitt Philippa gave the artist a greater sense of non-binary neutrality.

‘Humans’ sees the Northern Irish singer explore the complexities with that sensibility. The track features a slight change in direction with a more prominent pop-production than previous releases such as her 2013 EP ‘Broken To Be Rebuilt’. Yet, nothing has been sacrificed in terms of message and substance.

“Times are troubling,” says Philippa and while “…there’s an acknowledgement of that pain, somehow hope tries to rouse you.”

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