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Kyoto Love Hotel offer total immersion on debut single ‘Still’

Kyoto Love Hotel is the new musical project from Joe Geaney and vocalist Laura Sheary.

The pair have been active on the Irish scene for years. The two members were previously involved in Floating Ballroom and Staring At Lakes, respectively.

‘Still’ is the first single from the project and sounds like a fresh start for both artists involved. The track feels like a dream song, with its lush production ebbing and flowing gently. Sheary’s evocative vocals glide over the rest of the mix, which is at certain points ambient and at others, densely electronic.

The result is a spacious and enthralling pop tune. The group has made making music “that attempts to mirror the atmosphere of a city in motion” part of their ethos. The juxtaposition of cutting-edge electronic production and raw human emotion on ‘Still’ feels very true to that statement.

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