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Life Festival hangover..

Life Festival hangover..

Ugh, it’s hard out here for a blogger. I went to the Life Festival in Galway on Saturday with the Bonus Party. The festival’s hippy credentials were kept to a minimum and the place was set up in a great location on the edge of Lough Cutra with a swimming area for adventurous punters.

The psy-trance stage was pretty hilarious, decked out in gaudy neon decorations playing some awful unimaginative stuff. The Electronic tent seemed to be banging the whole time I was there with plenty of D&B and good hip hop from Breakology. The Mantua Stage was the biggest of the lot and was the only place I caught any live music all night. This is down to lack of eating and subsequent drinking meaning I only caught Dreadzone the whole time I was there. It was really enjoyable all the same and there was a great atmosphere at the place. SEBP’s set was great too and abundance of daylight meant that doing visuals @ 8pm was pretty redundant but I got a couple of nice videos. Hope everyone that stuck around had a great one, we had to come back yesterday.

Life Festival – Not Just for Hippies.


Super Extra Bonus Party – Spanik @ Life festival (Watch Gav go!)

Super Extra Bonus Party – Drone Rock @ Life festival

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