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Lightbox Fundit campaign: Monto, SertOne, REID, Tenaka, Simon Bird, Feel Good Lost & Bantum on tour

If you read this blog (or indeed a handful of other Irish music blogs) on a regular basis, you’ll be aware of the burgeoning solo electronic producer talent that has cropped up in the last year or so. It’s a lonely process most of the time, being a beatkid so a disparate group of these individuals have got together and format an alliance called Lightbox, based on their combined penchant for using visual-based music hardware like Kaoss Pads and Monomes.

Its members: Bantum, Monto, Reid, SertOne, Simon Bird, Tenaka and visuals partner Feel Good Lost have combined to put on a tour in February in Dublin (Sat February 25th, The Twisted Pepper), Cork (TBC The Pavilion), Galway (Thurs 1st March, The Roisin Dubh), Belfast (TBC), Waterford (TBC) and Limerick (Sun February 26th, The Wicked Chicken).

Each date will be proceeded by a hardware/software workshop and DJ sets by others such as myself, Jim Carroll, Logikparty and Ian Maleney. Lightbox have set up a Fundit page where they are hoping to keep the costs of the tour and tour dates down for everyone. Rewards for funders range from exclusive CDs, goodie bags, DJ sets, masterclasses and house parties.

After the jump, you’ll find my favourite current track from each producer along with Feel Good Lost’s new video for Labyrinth Ear.

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